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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  January 6, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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that is "the story" of wednesday january 6th, 2021. so much has changed since we woke up this morning. and as always his "the story" continues. we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m., take care, everybody, watch throughout the evening as the vote gets back underway and they secure the perimeter of the capitol. good night. >> this is a fox news alert, they plan to finish certifying the electoral college vote shortly, told that mitch mcconnell is >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, at this moment, lawmakers in washington and the vice president are back on capitol hill, they plan on finishing certifying the electoral college vote certainly, mitch mcconnell is about to make an address. lawmakers were evacuated from the capital earlier today after supporters of the president stormed the building and made their way onto the floor of the senate.
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this moment described by many as a crisis will determine where we go from here so we are going to bring you for the next hour commercial free i'm as much detail as we can and some context, we want to give you a sense of the scale of what took place in washington today, here's some footage. [shouting] [shouting] [glass shattering]
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[shouting] [chanting "usa"] >> tucker: fox news is mike tobin is in washington for us. >> it looks like what we are looking at now is the tale end of this effort to clear out the capital and clear off the capital grounds. if as you look behind me, you can see rows and rows of metro police a lot of them with neon yellow jackets. behind them are supplements of national guard. they are armed only with the shields as they are making a point to not be -- essentially they don't want to end up ponds in this and usually what you find with the national guard when it comes to big events like this, they are the tip of the spear, there are police with specific training who are active in the effort. what we have seen over the last
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two hours starting with the west side of the capital is they started a very forceful and deliberate effort to clear the grounds. police with truncheons at the ready, conflicting with demonstrators moved with great force pushing everybody west for the capital in the direction of the washington monument. a lot of guys shoving back, a lot of guys heckling the police as they moved in this direction. the more they moved, each time they advance the line, use of the numbers of the demonstrators fall away. now we are in a situation where you have a handful of demonstrators and a lot of media here and police at the ready to finish a job ready to hold the line for as long as we need to. >> tucker: mike tobin live in washington, thanks so much. we are still waiting to hear if the leader of the united states senate mitch mcconnell is close to getting to the floor and of course we will have more in what is happening, bombarded
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with images what took place in washington, too little has been spent on why. anyone trying to understand significance ought to watch the video of the woman who was shot inside the u.s. capitol this afternoon. in the footage which you can find on the internet, the woman is standing in a hallway off the house floor. she appears to be in her 20s, she's got an american flag tied around her neck, the scene around her is chaotic, people are bumping into each other, trying to get into the senate chamber. with no warning there is gunfire, you hear a shot and the woman falls. she's been hit with a bullet, it seems like the neck, could be the chest, apparently was fired by someone in law enforcement. if people in the hallway screamed. the camera closes in on the woman's face, she looks stunned. she is staring straight ahead unblinking. in her eyes you can see she knows she is about to die which in the end she did. she died a couple hours ago at a local hospital. what can we learn from this,
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it's not enough to call it a tragedy. imagine for a second getting a call and learning that was your daughter. the last time she spoke to her she was heading to washington for a political rally, now she's dead. phil never talked to her again, imagine that. if you have children it will put you in the right frame of mind. we will be watching a lot more of it in the coming days, political violence begets political violence, that is always true, it is an iron law and never changes, we have to be against that no matter who commits the violence or under what pretext. no matter how many self interested demagogues assure us violence is justified as they have been assuring us, lying to us for the past six months. we have a duty to oppose all of this, not simply because political violence kills other people's children which it does, but in the end it doesn't work. no good person will live a happier life because that girl
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was killed in the hallway of the capital today. our only option as a practical matter is to fix what is causing this in the first place, we don't have a choice. you may have nothing in common with the people on the other side of the country, increasing we probably don't but you're stuck with them. the idea that groups of americans will break off into separate, peaceful nations of like-minded citizens, that's a fantasy, that will not happen. there is no such thing as a peaceful separation, there never has been and there won't be. the two hemispheres of this country are separately intertwined, cojoined the twins. neither can leave without killing the other. that's the first thing to know. as horrifying as this moment is, we have no option but to make it better, got it out. the second thing to consider and it's related to the first is why the woman who was killed today went to the rally in the first place. we don't know about her but she
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didn't look radical, she bore no resemblance to the angry children we've seen again and again wrecking our cities, setting fire and scraping slogans on statues, she didn't look like that. the woman in the capital hallway looked like everyone else, so why was she there on a wednesday? why were any of them there today? we ought to think about that. if you want to fix it, you have to think about that. the only reason this country is rich and successful is for hundreds of years we've enjoyed a stable political system and the only reason that system is stable is because it's a democracy, democracy is our pressure release valve, as long as people sincerely believe she can change things by voting, they stay calm, they don't storm the bastille, they don't burst into the house chamber, they talk and they organize and they vote. the opposite is also true, if people begin to believe that there democracy is fraudulent,
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if they concluded that voting is a charade, the system is rigged and it's run in secret by a small group of powerful dishonest people, then god knows what could happen. actually we do know what could happen, it's happening right n now. it's happening in countless other countries over centuries and the cycle is the same because human nature doesn't change. listen to us, shut up and do what you're told reply the leaders. the first instinct of illegitimate leadership is to crack down on the population. crackdowns never make it better. instead they always make the country more volatile and more dangerous, the people in charge don't care to learn or listen because all of this conversation is a referendum on them and their leadership so they clamp down harder. obey, i tell you, obey! it ends badly every single time. that doesn't mean they won't try it again, of course they will
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because it's their nature, it's how we got here in the first place. millions of american sincerely believe the last election was fake. you can dismiss them as crazy, call them conspiracy theorists, kick them off twitter, that won't change their minds. rather than try to change their minds to convince them and reassure them the system is real democracy works as he would do if you cared about the country, our new leaders will try to silence them. what happened today will be used by people taking power to justify stripping you with the rights were born with as un-american. your right to speak without being censored, your right to assemble, to not be spied upon, to make a living, to defend your family most critically. these are the most basic and ancient freedoms we have, they are why we live here in the first place, why we are proud to be americans, they are what make us different and they are all now in peril.
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when thousands of your countrymen storm the capitol building, you don't have to like it, we don't. you can be horrified by the violence and as we said and we will say it again, we are horrified. but if you don't bother to pause and learn a single thing from it, from your citizens storming the capitol building, then you're a fool. you lack wisdom and you lack self-awareness. you have no place running a country. we got to this sad, chaotic day for a reason. it is not your fault, it is their fault. fox news alert, the senate majority leader is speaking right now on the floor of the senate, the vice president open things up. >> honoring the will of the american people encounter the electoral college votes. we have fulfilled the solemn duty every four years for more than two centuries whether our nation has been at war or at
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peace, under all manner of threats, even during an ongoing armed rebellion and the civil war. the clockwork of our democracy has carried on. the united states and the united states congress have faced down much greater threats than the unhinged crowd we saw today. we've never been deterred before and we will be not deterred today. they tried to disrupt our democracy, they failed. they failed to attempt to obstruct the congress, this failed insurrection underscores how crucial the task before us is for our republic. our nation was founded precisely so that the free choice of the american people is what shapes our self-government and
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determines the destiny of our nation. not fear, not force. but the peaceful expression of the popular will. we assembled this afternoon to count our citizens votes and to formalize their choice of the next president. now we are going to finish exactly what we started. we'll complete the process the right way, by the book, we'll follow our precedent, laws, and constitution to the letter. and we will certify the winner of the 2020 presidential election. criminal behavior will never dominate the united states congress. this institution is resilient.
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our democratic republic is strong. the american people deserve nothing less. >> tucker: that of course was the senate majority leader, we are going now to wisconsin congressman mike gallagher, here with his view of what happened today on capitol hill, thanks so much for joining us. so many things going on coming from so many different directions, i would be interested since you served in that building on your overview of this, what happened? >> it was pretty chaotic and got out of control pretty quickly. started hearing flash bangs which presumably was the capitol police try to get protesters to back off, things continue to escalate, protesters got more violent and somehow breached the
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security perimeter which happened earlier in the day which had to be evacuated and all of a sudden the protesters were in the statuary hall, they were breaking windows to get into the house floor and vice president pence had to be evacuated by secret service and of course, someone was tragically shot and killed. it was a very chaotic situation, something you never would expect to see in the united states capital. the challenge before us, you rightly lay it out. we have to be sensitive to the sincere concerns of millions of americans about voter processes, last second changes to voter processes in the midst of a pandemic while also preventing further political violence like this. it's a difficult thing to do, i have opposed the objection for constitutional reasons but i think some of the practical mistakes made was this idea that
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we could somehow have over the course of two hours of debate in congress, meaningfully elucidate what happened in the 2020 election without giving people false hope that somehow the election results might change on january 6th or that vice president pence might change those results which is of course not true. even the objectors behind closed doors were saying that would never happen and that's a little bit too much of a single game to play with the american people who do have serious concerns about election irregularities. >> tucker: yeah, the more basic concern is this and i felt myself watching the senate majority leader speaking, this is someone who doesn't understand the frustration that people feel. and isn't that interested in learning. the woman who was killed was a married 14 year military veteran, these people aren't dispossessed, they are not some
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creepy androgynous blogger who shows up to bring things down, they are solid americans deeply frustrated and i wonder if people in washington where i spent most of my life understand and empathize with their frustration, sincere question. >> i think anyone who's telling you that business as usual in d.c. is going to get the job done and somehow these people are going to move on is lying to you. what we are witnessing here is not just a specific frustration of the election but a culmination of a loss of faith in the basic institutions of our country, foremost among them congress, an institution in which i work that has an 11% approval rating. the media as well has itself immolated over the last four years and what i have confronted is i've tried to dispassionately examine the claims of election fraud, a lot of people i represent don't know what's true and what isn't. they don't trust legacy media sources and they are climbing onto things they read on
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twitter, we don't have a foundation we share for analysis. i think it would be a mistake to dismiss the concerns, i've racked my brain as to what the most responsible outcome is in the only thing i've been able to come up with and you could tell me if you think this is stupid is that every state is going to have to do a version of what florida did post 2,000, take a look at the voting processes, it should be the top priority for the state legislature in my home state of wisconsin and every other where we've seen irregularities and say this is what worked, this is what didn't come of the fundamental original sin of our election system is we've turned election day into election week, into election month but that can happen on a separate process while we still support a peaceful transition of power because i just can't look at my constituents in the face and somehow tell them that donald trump is going to be president on january 21st. >> tucker: you can't lie to people. but you have to credibly say to people i hear you and i do think
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one of the reasons that so many americans, some of whom aren't that political are so emotionally attached to the president whatever his faults is that he doesn't say i hear you and no one else does. that's the one thing they say that h they believe -- i don't know why i'm giving lecture, i feel it and i am upset about it, i appreciate it and pardon my rambling. >> thank you. >> tucker: do hernandez is an investigative reporter, he was in the capitol building is all this began, he's got exclusive video for us, it's good to see you tonight. >> it was pretty peaceful today near the washington monument but has thas the march continued, ts got crazy. if demonstrators, some trump supporter's, the rumor is possibly antifa insurrectionist's possibly could have infiltrated some of these movements and instigated some of this, it doesn't excuse some of
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the behavior but i think it's pretty simple, pretty clear, people are frustrated they stormed the capital, they did vandalize, they did go through the doors, they push down gates, they wanted their voices to be heard. but listening to you guys talking, i think our elected officials, the least they could have done was at least conduct some kind of investigation for the american people, 74 million americans that believe this election was fraudulent. at the least they could've done was prove that it was accurate. why can't they give them closure? we had four years of the russian hoax, of election meddling from donald trump conspiring with russia in order to win 2016 and the left had to closure, it was proven that was false. why can't the right have closure, why can't conservatives, why can't trump supporter's have closure. i think our elected officials have responsibility to at least show the american people what actually happened and it doesn't help when you have tech giants like facebook and twitter
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censoring every single thing that comes out that has to do with the 2020 election. it doesn't give people closure, it makes people even more conspiratorial and it doesn't give people the peace that they need to know that what happened with their electoral process was accurate. right now we are seeing a downfall of our elected officials not providing that to the american people. >> tucker: i want to be clear. i feel like we are above vandalism. people i love and know and agree with, i was never for breaking things, ever, under any circumstances but there's a reason this has happened and it's happening as you said because the people with all the power have decided to clamp down so harshly on the population that things explode at a certain point and they are going to double down on that. i appreciate it. we should note that lawmakers
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have reconvened on capitol hill after the chaos there, there are reports of multiple explosive devices found along washington, it's hard to believe it's real. i report rich edson is following the story. >> what law enforcement officials are telling us, they found three devices that appear to be pipe bombs, black pipes and had wires coming out of th them. the officers investigated, bomb squads were called in and it was easy to get lost around here because this was around the time that you had tens of thousands of people flooding behind me onto the capital complex many of whom breached into the capitol building, the mob scene ongoing there. "the new york times" is reporting there was a pipe bomb that was destroyed at the republican headquarters, the rnc is right around the capital complex, the rnc was evacuating,
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the times is also reporting the dnc which is also nearby, there was some was a similar mysterioe found. we have this scene ongoing here, there was a pipe bomb incident, you do have law enforcement to have been warning about potential incidentses ongoing, it's another element ongoing to what we saw today. >> tucker: rich edson for ischemic glad to see you. twitter announced it's suspending the account of the president of the united states until he deletes trickle of his tweets, one of those with a video message telling everyone at the capital to go home. in that message the president also said he won the november election, in the other tweet he said he won a "sacred landslide election victory," and response twitter said the president's suspension won't be lifted until 12 hours after he deletes both
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of them. if they added "future violations of rules including civic integrity and violent threats policies will result in permanent suspension." that will probably happen. the present being silenced whatever you think of that were of him, what does that mean for you? buck sexton has thought a lot about this and we are happy to have them on tonight. it's great to see you, so much chaos right now as noted coming from so many different directions. the thing we need most of all is clarity. where is this going? >> there were a lot of people gathered in d.c. for all the right reasons and doing this the right way. i spoke too many of them myself, people who are frustrated not just about the selection which is obviously huge and the questions they have come of the allegations of fraud but also the lockdowns and the suppression and the sense there is a kind of purge of ideas that
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is ongoing and only going to get worse. those are the overwhelmingly peaceful and law-abiding folks who were in d.c. it's also important for us to see that those who broke the law, those who crossed that line are held to account and unlike the left and i know there's a huge double standard here, i know we could play clips of cnn and msnbc talking about the mostly peaceful protest of blm -- we don't allow this stuff, this is not on the right, we are better than this and it's upon us, apart from what the left is going to do and the democrats to exploit this for political reasons, it's on us to make it very clear why we have principles that we don't violate even in these extreme times. >> tucker: that's for sure, the idea that people would smash windows in the capitol building, are you kidding? we spent our entire life on this show going after the people in charge and they absolutely deserve it but you're not allowed to break windows or encourage people to break
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windows. by the way, all of this is going to be used as a pretext to make the lives of the people watching this show much worse and everybody knows that. the people who would like to clamp down on the bill of rights are thrilled tonight and let's say that out loud, am i imagining this? >> absolutely, this will be exploited and it will never be put in the context of this was in the hundreds, perhaps thousand people involved in illegal behaviors with the hundreds of thousands of people who were there for reasons i agree with and i have friends who are protesting peacefully and lawfully today. let's understand it's also self-defeating and for those out there i know there are a lot of trump supporter's who are saying this is what happens when -- let me just say, this is going to be use to our detriment, to the movement's detriment, this is going to be used by all the people who for four years have been talking about trump and russia and the coup and using the 25th amendment, they will say see you? it got right up to the
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precipice. we can also argue about how they are exaggerating or making it seem like a bigger deal but why give them that opening at this point when it looks like they are about to have unified control of the executive branch and of congress. it was wrong but it was also a blunder today and we need to be clear about that. >> tucker: is not about trump or any other politician, it's about the rest of us, we have a right to say what we think is true, we have a right to defend our families. back. we were born with those rights and if they try to take those rights away then i think it's really worth resisting. it's great to see you. senator marco rubio represents the state of florida, he joins us tonight after having watched all of this, what you make of all this? >> terrible, it's one of the saddest days in our modern history, probably in our histo history.
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i think they are high-fiving in beijing and the chinese look at this end are very happy about it, it bolsters their claim that we are falling apart and they are the country of the future. i think it's inexcusable, 100% inexcusable, i don't care what the motivations. we are going to learn more about who was there and what this was all about, it will be interesting to see the mix of people that were there. i think it's been tragic and i want to say something, i want to thank the capitol police officers, we know a lot of these people personally and walked by them every single day, they are really undermanned, overwhelmed but none of it is an excuse. one of the challenges we have is a serious crisis of confidence in this country, there is no individual or institution who can speak definitively about anything and that is not an excuse for any of this but it explains some of the things that create an environment that lead to this all across the board and the media is shocked that they
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have zero credibility, they are viewed largely as biased and you have the censoring of news stories, and you have these questions that in normal times people would look at and be able to work through but that environment of confidence really sparks up and i think those things really need to be answered because democracy doesn't just depend on having elections it depends on people's confidence in those elections and their willingness to abide by those results, they are interrelated, i don't know why the senate can't do watergate style hearings, we could take testimony and subpoena records, it wouldn't change the outcome of this race but it would give people clarity. the changes that we need to make when i was in the florida legislature, i served on a task force that made a bunch of changes in the mechanics of our elections and i think we could do that to the country. >> tucker: i wandered all day what republicans in the senate made of this, people came to your place of work and i'm not attacking you personally, i am
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really despised by an awful lot of people and i think to myself they have good reason to despise me, maybe i can communicate differently -- it should evoke some soul-searching and the person who was despised a little bit and i wonder if republican senators are thinking to themselves -- i hate that vandalism, i hate the violence -- on the other hand, a lot of my boaters really hate me, maybe i should change the way i behave, you think anyone is thinking that? >> i think there's two things that have to happen, we have to say this stuff isn't acceptable. >> tucker: i couldn't agree more. >> we look like the third world, this is stuff you see in other country, we have tin-pot dictators out there lecturing us and mocking us online, that stuff can happen. the second thing i would make is at some point everyone has to step back and realize this has been brewing and building for a while and it's all across the board and there are real factors out there that are contributing not just to an erosion in confidence but you made a point and i caught the tail end of it,
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there is no such thing as a country in which half of us are very happy and the other half is very unhappy, it can't work. none of this is going anywhere, we have to figure out a way to coexist, that's always been a challenge in america, we cover this vast continent and is so diverse, that is what our system is about and that's what law and order is about allowing us to have those disputes without violence but through passionate debate. >> tucker: we are in it together whether we want to or not. it's great to see you. lawmakers are back on capitol hill, the electora electoral college certification is not resumed yet -- that's the headline. no matter what you hear on television, this is not the first time our nation's capital has come under attack -- as you remember if you watch this channel, just last summer we saw all kinds of riots in washington, those rights force the president to an underground
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bunker. a reporter on town hall has been following this for months now, he joins us with some footage getting with this. [shouting] [glass shattering] [car horns] [explosions] julio has seen this story, he was inside the capitol building that they here are some of what he recorded this afternoon.
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[shouting] [shouting] [shouting] as we noted, senior writer at town hall he joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on, i want to be clear the reason we are showing the earlier footage of other riots in d.c., these are not the first is not to excuse any specific behavior today but to put this in some context. this kind of thing has been going on for quite some time and you have covered all of it. starting with that, tell us what you saw today and what you made of it.
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>> i started out my day near where president trump was having his rally and then found out people were going to the capitol building so i made my way over there and as i walked up to the building that's when i could see trump supporter's starting to tear down some of the fencing that has been put up because there's inauguration stuff that has been under construction for quite some time. i couldn't believe what i was seeing because and they started to push back -- push past all the barricades that had been set up and the police presence was very light on the ground but then once they got to the steps of the capital, that's when we saw police finally forming defensive lines and keep in mind, these were not riot cops, these were police officers in their regular patrol uniforms. it took a while for police in riot gear to respond as the day progressed. >> tucker: do you have any -- and you're not prepared for this question so pardon me if you
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don't -- do you have any information on the woman come apparently a veteran who was shot to death inside the capital, do you know anything about that? >> no i don't. if i only got inside the rotunda, that was as far as i was able get into. things were all right i guess guess you could say but things became kinetic after police started to come in to push everyone back out, it became pretty dangerous, people were being trampled on and i am most got trampled on a few times, i'm only 5'6", so i'm easy to step on. it was almost getting hard to breathe at certain points because i couldn't move, people were pushing back, people were pushing forward and a lot of people including myself were caught in the middle. >> tucker: amazing, the lion hearted julio joins us, thanks so much. the point of showing you that was just to make the obvious observation, this kind of thing
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has been going on for a long time now. we were never for us, we are not for it now, we are for order and decency and kindness, but we just got to tell you the obvious, that a lot of the people in charge have been telling us for six months that violence in the name of political outcomes is okay as long as the right people are doing it. here's cnn's chris cuomo for example. >> america's major cities are filled with people demanding this country become more fair, more just and please, show me where it says that protests are supposed to be polite and peaceful because i can show you that outraged citizens are the ones who have made america what she is and the led to major milestones, they are here to yell, criticize, blame and sha shame. citizens have no duty to check their outrage. >> tucker: citizens have no duty to check their outrage, we
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went after him for saying it then and we are going after him tonight for the same reason, his tune is changed completely. today he tweeted "this is mort's and speech. those who stoke these flames must be remembered, they fed lies and move people to exactly what we are seeing. #remember. does this sound like a set up for a crackdown on their civil liberties? to be completely clear, we are saying this as a show that institutionally is appalled by vandalism and violence. but there's something even worse than that and that is a country in which you don't have civil liberties. sandy cortez doesn't want you to remember what she tweeted about violent riots last month, here's what she wrote. the whole point of protesting is to make people uncomfortable, activists take that discomfort with the status quo and add the kate for policy changes.
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to folks who complain protest demands make others uncomfortable, that's the point. oh, that's the point. we were against that then, we are against it now. today, her communications director asked twitter to prevent people from sharing that tweet -- that's weird, down the memory hole, she never said it. mark steyn remembers exactly what she said, he joins us tonight. it's great to see you. >> it's good to see you. >> tucker: threading a bit of a needle here because i really can't stand just on a visceral level people breaking things and hurting other people. on the other hand, i can't stand today and i couldn't stand it then but let's not lie about it. the people like sandy cortez and chris cuomo and the rest of these disingenuous creeps have been excusing this for six months. >> i spent a lot of time in northern ireland, protestants
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and catholics, loyalists and republicans, i spent a lot of time in moscow and bosnia-herzegovina, it's always interesting to me that people are surprised when a tactic that has proved effective for one group of people is then suddenly taken up by other people of whom they don't approve. i've listened to all of this blather for six or seven hours now where people are saying starting with the vice president -- this is not who we are -- if you switched on the tv since memorial day? this is exactly who we are. it's okay to burn wendy's in atlanta, it's okay to loot macy's, it's okay to incinerate a precinct house in minneapolis, it's okay to set up an autonomous republic, but suddenly you expect the capital of the united states, the united states congress to be immune, that is completely
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preposterous. either we have equality before the law and a wendy's franchisee is entitled to have his property rights as respected as the united states congress -- i've listened to the stuff too. chad pergram, i love his reports and he says nothing has happened since the british burned down the white house in 1814. so we are supposed to take history and the magistrate of the capital seriously now? nancy pelosi told us she didn't care about old statues. mitch mcconnell said he didn't care about the names of military bases. suddenly this old building is important. you can't have that, there's been a complete collapse of equality before the law, ever since covid began, there are some groups that enjoy the license to go out and loot and burn every night in american cities and the more they are not
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subject to any laws, the more onerous the burden falls upon the law abiding, they can't open their hair salon, they can't have granny around for christmas dinner, we have a completely bifurcated system where the less law that applies to one group, the more micro-regulated the lives of the other group are. at some point, that has to give. whoever is behind this to some degree, that gave today in washington. >> tucker: man, is that a smart analysis, not surprising, we are grateful for it. good to see you tonight. the president began his speech today in washington, then he got on twitter and began tweeting until twitter suspended his account completely, kevin corke is on top of that he joins us with details. >> i apologize for the mask in
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advance, it is the rule here at the capitol and obviously the entire crew is masked here tonight, hopefully you can hear me clearly. it has been quite a day on the nation's capital, we are on the east side of the capitol building where everything is quiet tonight but certainly that was not the case inside the building, on the north side where i spent much of the afternoon. you mention the president had given remarks earlier in the day before the large numbers of supporters of the president made their way to the capital, let me share part of what he said at his rally talking about what happened in the election and what it means for the country. >> hundreds of thousands of american patriots have committed to the honesty of our elections and the integrity of our glorious republic. all of us here today do not want the cr election victory stolen by an bold and radical left democrats which is what they are doing and a stolen by the fake news media.
5:42 pm
>> it's important because he said in his remarks very clearly echoing what a great number of his supporters believe, this election was stolen today and they called the valley of the "stop the steel" rally in the president reflected it in his remarks but later after things spiraled out of control, he again called for calm. >> this was a fraudulent election but we can't play into the hands of these people. we have to have peace, i know how you feel, but go home and go home in peace. >> but to go home, the president said -- i want to take you to twitter, you mention the president's account had several tweets flagged by the platform and suspended his account temporarily, this one getting a lot of attention. he said this -- i want to make sure -- he said "hundreds of
5:43 pm
thousands of american patriots -- i beg your pardon about the sound bite them i want to make sure i get the tweet right. he says "these are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously and viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly and unfairly treated for so long. go home with love and in peace. remember this day forever." take you so much -- that tweet has been taken down and there is a great deal of criticism tonight among some that that tweet it's believed to help to stoke the environment. that is one perspective among many. >> tucker: kevin corke for us tonight, thank you so much. >> you bet. >> tucker: again, for the third time tonight, this is like looking through a shower curtain, things are happening so quickly, it's opaque. it's not exactly clear what's going on, we are getting all
5:44 pm
kinds of reports some of which we'll try to run down and get to you in just a moment but for clarity we want to take a quick break, a sanity break and speak to one of our favorite guests, maybe our smartest guests, victor davis hanson, he's a senior at the hoover fellow institution, thanks for coming on -- what is this? >> you have to have calm and respect for the law, you can't have republic or democracy, you can't have civilization unless there's law. people who dared to vandalized the capital, the heartbeat and brain of democracy, what people look all over the world for for guidance, they have to be prosecuted and there is no excuse. we've got to remember something else and i think it's very important. the american people are exhausted, they've gone through a year of plague and quarantine, they've gone through a recession and they've gone through months of watching looting and violence and arson.
5:45 pm
they've gone through a new type of election were 100 million people didn't vote on election day and it's contentious and now they are mad, they don't understand why they can't be vaccinated and into that conundrum, people want clarity, they want absolute values and if you are on the right and you deplored what was antifa and blm did night after night after night attacking the federal courthouse or police and you said where are the police, where is accountability, you have to apply those same standards today. if you're a person on the left and night after night and you quoted chris cuomo -- night after night you said we can can contextualize the violence because ideology trumps accountability then you better say the same thing today, do you really want to say these people had ideological causes so they should be exempt -- i don't think you want to do that. the american people want accountability and finally, i think it's better for donald trump to follow the model of andrew jackson, the election
5:46 pm
is not going to be changed and he needs to be righteously aggrieved and say to his supporters is not about me, it's about changing the system and we're going to come back, take the house in two years but do what jackson did and it stopped contesting something that's not going to change. he can change but at the same token everybody has to take the step back, you can't have a civilization, democracy with the speaker of the house tears up the state of the union address on national tv like nancy pelosi did, you can't have a civilization like joe biden or he's going to unitas but people shows up and disagrees at his rally he calls them chumps or dregs of society or he says antifa is just an idea when it's committing violence and nightly. everybody on both sides has to take a step back. >> tucker: i agree with that completely. there are news reports right now the latest from "cbs news" and we haven't confirmed this with
5:47 pm
the president's cabinet is considering invoking the 25th amendment. i hesitate even to say that except knowing for certain that will be everywhere in just a minute. i would love to get your view whether that's plausible or warranted and what that means, i'm just throwing this at you. >> we had a yale psychiatrist saying donald trump was unhinged, we only have two weeks left of the trump administration, he's called for peace and needs to say it again. go home, don't commit violence and he needs to concede and admit and i think joe biden will be the next president and he needs to look towards the future and see if he can get his agenda and galvanizes people to look at the house races. it would be the worst thing in the world to try to remove the president with two weeks left
5:48 pm
when feelings are running so high. there's a lot of culpability to go around and what people need to do now is calm down and not further insight things. we've gone through an impeachment we went through 22 months of robert mueller, with went through all of that. this year -- the 2020 mess is over with. let's have some new spirit, let's not be vindictive and go into that again. >> tucker: victor davis hanson, thanks for coming on. jim banks is a republican member of congress from the state of indiana, thanks a lot for coming on. it's interesting talking to you tonight, you have been a fairly stalwart supporter of the president's and i think you are a sincere and principled conservatives. given that, i would love to know your view of what we are watching.
5:49 pm
>> this was a gut wrenching day on capitol hill, as someone who has worn the uniform and served our country abroad in afghanistan and now serving my country on capitol hill, i couldn't believe what i was seeing right before my eyes. that being said, i have busloads of constituents who drove to washington, d.c., they drove to the night. thousands of people from all over the state of indiana, the midwest, hundreds of thousands of people nationwide who came to our nation's capital to make their voice heard and that was interrupted by thugs who stormed the capital. i hope we do everything that we possibly can to prosecute those who brought violence to the capital and disrupted our democratic process in a very important debate that was occurring on the floor of the house. first and foremost, i hope we prosecute those people who were seen in photos that did what they did that cost the life of one individual and brought
5:50 pm
violence to the capitol building in many ways. i have felt for a long time that the last several months when we shut down america and we told families they couldn't send their kids to schools, they couldn't see their family members over the holidays, we took away their livelihood -- there was a deep-seated resentment that was growing throughout america and we saw that come to life today in the nation's capital. if we ignore that in the months and years to come, it's only going to get worse if our nation's leaders don't pay attention to that resentment, especially if what i believe is going to happen is tomorrow the left is going to use what they saw today to take away even more of our freedoms and use it as a an excuse to crack down on americans freedoms and civil liberties even further and if that happens there's going to be more resentment that is going to grow throughout america and we are going to see situations like this happen again. >> tucker: i completely agree, i wouldn't cross the street to defend a politician but i would
5:51 pm
defend the most basic freedoms of the country and i hope others will too. it's great to see you tonight. richard mcginnis is a reporter with "the daily caller," he's got footage from the capitol hill. you always find yourself in the middle of these things, what did you see today? >> i arrived moments before the perimeter was breached, the perimeter outside the capital and i climbed up into the media tower that was set up for the inauguration and so i had an elevated angle is the perimeter was breached and what happened was a few people got through at first and i think other folks were encouraged by that, they broke through the line completely overwhelm the police with sheer numbers and after that i saw folks running up into the capital and climbed on the scaffolding and went in with them and i followed them all the way to the doors of the house floor.
5:52 pm
>> tucker: there was that shooting we opened with tonight, a married veteran killed right there in the capital. do you have any detail on that at all? >> i do not, i believe i was some distance away from there. it's difficult to tell exactly what the timing of the shooting was as compared to when i got in there but i did not see anything, i did hear pops but it was very hard to tell whether those pops were flash bangs or teargas or gunshots. >> tucker: described the protesters if you would, we may never know the truth here, i keep seeing all kinds of accounts of who they were and what their motives might have been, what was your view? >> i think as with all of these protests, it's a mix of individuals, people are out there with good intentions and people are out there keen on capitalizing on the chaos that might take place.
5:53 pm
i did notice these protesters were older in age than what i saw over the last year. i did notice that but as for what their motives were, there was so much chaos that it was difficult for me to even conduct interviews although i did interview one individual who was actually smoking a joint inside the capitol rotunda. >> tucker: you've got quite a job. i noticed that too, looking at the video, older people which does make you pause. when people with jobs and families are doing this, but you should wonder why -- which is not to excuse it but it's different. great to have you, thanks. ken buck is a congressman from the state of colorado, a republican, we are happy to have them on tonight. where do you think this is goi going? >> i hope where it goes as we get some leadership on both
5:54 pm
sides, i think it's disappointing, the call for today and those that decided that we should usurp the constitutional function of congress and expand that and deny the states, the role that they have in this process, i think is wrong and people should sit up and say it was wrong. i'm disappointed we have senators that accepted the challenge to bring this forward and i think frankly one of things we have to do is to make sure that we as a body, as a senate and a house that we send a very clear message that we are going to try to move forward in a way that gets things done in this country. the rhetoric is not acceptable, ripping up the state of the union address, having a fake impeachment that really had no factual basis, it just led to this frustration and i'm not
5:55 pm
saying it excuses what happened today either in the riots were challenging the electoral process, but the frustration is palpable among the american people and very sad. i think it is on the other side too. >> tucker: frustration and some fear. one thing donald trump for his sins did not do was make the lives of your average hillary clinton voter miserable for four here's what i think the rest of us know in our gut but if you supported trump, they're going to try to hurt you over the coming four years. i wonder what congress can do to protect the basic freedoms that we were promised when we arrived here by birth in this country. >> one of the things we have to do is tone down the rhetoric. as leaders when we go on social media and we address groups of people, it is our responsibility to make sure that we talk with a sense of compassion and we talk with a sense of i'm not walking in
5:56 pm
those other folks shoes. i know they are hurting right now and i can remember the debate over obamacare and repealing obamacare, i was in congress at the time and i held a lot of town hall meetings and listen to democrats who were concerned in the first two years of the trump administration, i think it's incumbent on us to make sure as elected officials that we hear the other side and we try to address the other side's issues, that wasn't done with the frustration of the trump voters had over this election and it was a mistake. >> tucker: great to see you tonight, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: we should say that kelly loeffler who apparently lost last night has just rescinded her objection to certification we are hearing. so there's that. dan bishop serves in the other
5:57 pm
chamber, a member of congress to the state of north carolina, he said he would object to the certification, he joins us now. thanks so much for coming on. if you don't mind, explain your view on this, your position. >> there are millions of americans, that's a big number, tens of millions of americans who believe something went wrong with this election and they aren't dumb people and they don't believe it just because they have been told that by the president. i think there are reasons, i have a unique perspective, this is a story that is under told, the way the democratic party had a national strategy and chaos theory in terms of using the electoral system, 385 pre-election lawsuits all at the same time, he used it as a tool to get officials across the country to depart from state legislative rules. it's a story that needs to be told and needs to be pursued.
5:58 pm
what has happened today obviously has made that much more difficult. >> tucker: are you concerned about where this is going from here? >> i think it's pretty clear -- it's always been clear, i think this effort would not result in a change in the outcome of the presidential election, the votes weren't there, but i have believed that it was important to pursue, people need to know they are being fought for in congress, they are not being abandoned and i'm going to stay in the same position. >> hi mike. >> [silence]. >> tucker: we are not getting
5:59 pm
any audio from mike tobein. sorry about that. this is some of the scene capitol hill where protestors stormed the capital and entered the chamber. there was gunfire apparently from a member of law enforcement. one woman was killed. a woman in her 30s. a 14 year veteran of the united states air force, married and she was shot to death. the circumstances are unclear. once people start getting killed, things spiral. political violence begets political violence. but we should protect the rights we were born with as american including the right to speak our
6:00 pm
mind and protect our families. those are the first and second amendments. sean hannity takes over from new york. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. washington is under a 6 p.m. curfew and the national guard was deployed. virginia, maryland and d.c. dispatching law enforcement officers. the fbi and atf are on the scene. cong has reconvened. we will monitor their proceedings. this morning we witnessed a massive peaceful protest in


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